Computer, Server and Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Entropy is a problem every business must contend with.  Unfortunately, technology will wear out and fail.  We all know this happens when we need it the most and there is always a risk of losing important information when it does.  Open Info Tek supplies several services designed to lessen or even eliminate the impact such failures will have on your company.


Open Info Tek will regularly preform software, hardware, Operating System and firmware updates for your PC, laptop, server and networking equipment.  This includes the oft neglected cleaning and dust mitigation for these devices.  We also determine the age and condition of your equipment and make suggestions for upgrades on a yearly basis. 

This is our Proactive Maintenance protocol. 


Every moment of every day Open Info Tek is looking out for software, hardware and operating system errors using our monitoring tools.  We will make sure your disaster recovery solutions are working by verifying onsite and offsite backups are succeeding every day.  We can even monitor environmental conditions including power, temperature, humidity and water infiltration in your equipment rooms and offices. 

This is our Proactive Monitoring protocol.


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