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Three Computer Failures to Avoid During a Pandemic

Governments and businesses need to make full use of digital technologies to confront the COVID-19 pandemic and address a wide range of pandemic-related issues according to a new policy brief issued recently by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

But what if the technologies that you are relying upon fail when you need them the most? Meanwhile small and medium sized businesses are confronted with a myriad of challenges just to keep the doors open. With lockdowns and other social distancing measures in effect throughout the US, and with more people relying on the internet for information and advice, digital technology professionals have been playing a critical role.

We spoke with Steve Bergstrom, an industry veteran in the small to medium size business space. Bergstrom is a specialist in setting up home offices to allow remote employees to stay in touch with their employers. Having worked with large hardware and software vendors for over 15 years he has identified three important failures to avoid during a pandemic or otherwise:

Failure No 1: Failing to perform timely updates

“Entropy is a problem every business must contend with,” reveals Bergstrom, of Open Info Tek, a Pine Island-based information technology business. “Unfortunately, technology will wear out and fail. We all know this happens when we need it the most and there is always a risk of losing important information when it does.” Bergstrom recommends performing software, hardware, operating system and firmware updates for your PC, laptop, server and networking equipment. This includes the oft neglected cleaning and dust mitigation for these devices.  

Failure No. 2: Not monitoring disaster recovery solutions

Make sure your disaster recovery solutions are working by verifying onsite and offsite backups are succeeding every day. Desktops or laptops can become slow and unreliable. Are networked servers out of date or have they become susceptible to unknown condition? Don’t forget the need for onsite and offsite backups as well as monitoring for all the above. 

Failure No. 3: Not replacing or repairing equipment before it wears out Even with the best plans and care the products we rely on will fail from time to time. When it does you need someone with the experience and expertise who can provide repair services whenever you need them. “You’ve got to monitor environmental conditions including power, temperature, humidity and water infiltration in your equipment rooms and offices,” says Bergstrom. The repair technician must take the time to properly diagnose your equipment and suggest a cost-effective repair. You also must assess if the repair is worth it or an upgrade would better serve your business. Although the average life span of an office computer is 3- to 5-years according to, “computers of all types can last considerably longer than that, and each business must make its own informed decision about when and how to purchase replacements.” regularly preforms software, hardware, operating system and firmware updates for your PC, laptop, server and networking equipment. For a free consultation call 845-477-5888 or e-mail

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